(THC = 17.89% / CBD = 0.096%)

Bred by one of the many great growers of Oregon, its lineage dates back to the mid 1990’s. The mother is a DJ Short Blueberry, which was pollinated by a William’s Wonder F2 (also known as Major League Bud).

The Blue Magoo has a tight bud structure, with slightly higher stretch than your typical Indica. It grows as zigzagging, vine like branches, covered in very dense and resinous buds. The smells are very complex and range from berries, fruit, lavender, star anise, rose and incense. Blue Magoo’s flavor tends to lean more towards the berry/fruit side of things, but can be more floral when it’s grown with chemicals/synths, and/or not flushed properly. This strain has a desirable medicinal value, which accommodates many ailments ranging from pain, anxiety, nausea, appetite increase and insomnia to name a few.