Cannabis, Delivered To Your Home

Bend, Oregon has a marijuana delivery service, thanks to one of the city’s longest-operating cannabis dispensaries, Cannabend. Using an easy online system for ordering, payment, and ID verification, and an unmarked car for privacy, we’re one of the first cannabis retailers in Oregon to offer this service.


Marijuana delivery in Bend Oregon from Cannabend

Even if you’ve never been to Cannabend in person, you can download the web app and upload your ID to access our marijuana delivery service. Regulations now permit for one cannabis delivery per day to any one address, and you can’t have your delivery scheduled to a commercial business or a hotel.

You’ll want to be sure to schedule your marijuana delivery a few hours in advance: We stop taking delivery orders around 7pm, and accept pick up orders until 7:30. We close up at 8pm. During busy times, it may take a little while for our drivers to complete the deliveries, and while we’ll be striving to get to you in under one hour.

This cannabis delivery service will be available to both recreational customers 21 and over, and those with an OMMP card that are 18+. As with everything in the new world of legal cannabis, some of these regulations will surely change over the coming months as state government, dispensary owners, and recreational and medical cannabis consumers all gain experience with this method of access.

Questions? Call us at 541-617-0420!

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